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"A Woodstock for Businessmen"

That's what Dan Rather calls The Bakersfield Business Conference. As can be imagined, a yearly event on the scale of the Conference has not gone without notice by the national--and international--media. And comments and reviews aren't the only recognition the Conference has received


  • In the past five years, the International Platform Association has twice named the Bakersfield Business Conference as the "Best One Day Conference in the Nation."

  • Special Events Magazine named the Conference "Best Program and Entertainment Concept" and "Most Outstanding Spectacle" at their Gala Awards Ceremony.

  • The Conference magazine itself, a slick publication given to all Conference attendees, has been recognized as an "Award-Winning Publication for Overall Communication Excellence" at the Apex Awards national ceremony.

  • And a special award presented by Disneyland at the 1995 Conference.

Could it be...Bakersfield?

"A lawyer planned a picnic in California's rural heartland and 9,600 decided to come--including three former presidents," wrote the Associated Press Sacramento Bureau Chief, Doug Willis, in a 1993 story that was picked up by newspapers around the nation. Residents of Bakersfield have always known this "All American City" has much to offer. Thanks to the Conference, the world is seeing Bakersfield in a new light:
  • BusinessWeek Magazine writes, "The event counters the image of the city as Hicksville...Any event that can turn a dusty little California town into a Mecca for the rich and famous invites imitation."

  • The Los Angeles Times, commenting on the Conference's unique blend of the world's greatest speakers, entertainment, and festivity, writes that the Conference is a "synthesis of Ringling Brothers and Meet the Press."

  • On an international level, Reutlinger General News, a German publication, gave a detailed account of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins' interview at the 1994 conference.

The media aren't the only ones
with something to say about
the Conference. The speakers themselves are the source
of a variety of colorful quotes:

"When I accepted this invitation, I thought it was some sort of luncheon," said Henry Kissinger. "I don't think I've ever spoken in front of 12,000 people before."

Colin Powell, commenting on the 12,000 American flags waving in the audience, said "If that doesn't make your heart go pitty-pat, you'd better lay down and have somebody throw dirt on you, 'cause you're dead."

Find out for yourself why former New York Governor Mario Cuomo calls the Conference "a parade of power," and Peter Jennings proclaims it "staggering"!

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